Dana Byerly's

Digital Junk Drawer


When I’m not throwing random thoughts in the Junk Drawer I can be found in the following places…

My web dev site

A mostly professional site geared towards learning and tinkering with websites. Also a place to find a list of my current side projects.

My blog / Junk Drawer

This site! Mostly random thoughts and ephemera, still under development.


I’m currently spending more time there than on Twitter. Might also switch instances.


I’ve been wanting to move away from Instagram and am slowly starting to use this account in the same way I used my original Instagram account (which is still online, but more of an archive). I might also start a bad selfies and pet pics account to replicate my personal account.


Yeah, that place. I still check in on my friends and follows who are still there, and occasionally post. There’s an undeniable circling the bowl vibe.