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Blogging, apparently it’s going around!

Recently I’ve found myself wanting to do some occasional blog-like posting, but I didn’t feel like I had the right place for it. I do have a “personal site” that’s focused on web development. In an annual wrap-up post I mentioned this

I’m also going to try to write more observations and thoughts, and maybe even some posts that aren’t about the Web.

Me, hoping to motivate myself

That was last September. I did suffer a bit of burn out and had an eye issue in between, but that’s not what kept me from writing there. I like having that site for learning and side projects, and that’s what it’s built around. Every time I considered writing about something else it felt odd, at least in that context. And, since I’m very compartmentalized, why not just make another site!

Making this site also helped me solve a long standing technical quandary. Finding a suitable headless CMS to use with Eleventy, static site generator extraordinaire, had been on my list for a while. I won’t go into technical details here (I have a whole other site for that!), but I decided to give WordPress a go. I’ll be adding a big post on it in the near future at the Web Dev site.

What am I planning on doing here in the Junk Drawer? I like Miriam’s notion of an archive, and think some of what will go on around here will be archive-ish in nature. Not so much about events or projects (I have a Projects section over at the Web Dev site!), but more random ephemera.

I recently did a cloud clean-up and move and found so many odd, funny, time capsule-y things. Some of those are sure to be thrown in the Junk Drawer. And naturally I have several physical junk drawers that could easily provide additional entertaining content.

I watch a lot of TV, not much of it is American and most of it is crime drama. I may do an occasional post about that. I’ll also probably post more bloggy things around a few themes… overheard hilarity on my daily constitutional, involuntary memories, pet updates and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Who knows, maybe having a new context-free forum will open up writing opportunities that I didn’t know existed. Or, like any good junk drawer, I’ll just throw a few things in here and forget about it. I’m happy to have figured out a WordPress and Eleventy solution regardless of how it works out!

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