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Warning: Necroposts incoming

This morning I was scrolling through my RSS reader, begrudgingly getting ready to start my day, when I happened on an interesting post by Terence Eden.

A blog isn’t an immutable chain of events. There’s nothing to stop us travelling in time. When I go digital sperlunking though my history, I often find interesting things I wrote before I blogged. So I bring these “back from the dead” and publish them as Necroposts.

I frequently go looking through my digital and non-digitial history and almost always find something chuckle-worthy. I’ve been wanting to figure out how to share some of these finds here but hadn’t thought of a clever way to frame it. Seeing this post, and subsequent commentary at Mastodon, was the inspiration I needed.

I’m not sure I’ll call them Necroposts (retroposts? waybackposts?) but conceptually I love this approach and can’t wait gather up some embarrassing, I mean funny, old posts.

In other news I updated this site to Eleventy v2.0.0 tonight and I wanted to do a test post to make sure the update went smoothly (if you’re reading this it did). For those of you keeping track, the node_modules for this site went from 92.4 MB to 40.4 MB upon updating.

I’ll be posting more about this at my web dev site in the coming days if you’re into that sort of thing.

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