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The Kraken got me

The blogging momentum I had earlier in the month was rudely interrupted by a bout of Covid. My first, and hopefully my last.

I suspect I picked it up in the hallway of my walk-up building. I don’t socialize, go to restaurants, shows or things in general. And when I do to go a bodega or the laundromat I wear a mask. The only time I don’t wear a mask is dog walking, which means I’m not wearing a mask in hallway, stairs or mail area of my building.

About a month or so ago I said to The Lady “that new variant looks really contagious, think I’m going to start masking in the hallway”, and then didn’t. Way to go!

Of course The Lady got it too. Overall it’s been mild for both us. She’s had a worse cough but was able to be up and about more than me. I slept a lot but not much of a cough. Neither of us had trouble breathing and maintained a 99 pulse ox. I had a very mild fever for a few days, no fever for her.

I did have a bunch of odd little symptoms, especially in the beginning. Like a visit to a haunted house but in my body. What new weird potentially scary thing is around the next corner?

The first night I had what seems like a kidney pain on the right side that lasted a day. Then I had very cloudy vision for a day. Then were a few nights of waking up drenched in sweat with no chills or fever.

While I feel like we’ve been relatively lucky, who knows what it’s going to do to us moving forward? How will it make aging even harder? We’ve been fortunate with decent health so far, will that change?

Until such a time, I do feel like I’m on the mend. Low energy, but on the mend. And hopefully, maybe I’ll be able to resume a steady stream of blather around here sometime in the near future.

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