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Retropost: Jack-o’-lantern party

I used to be clever. As proof I offer this impromptu Halloween triptych, originally posted over a six day period at Instagram in 2018.

A decaying Jack-o'-lantern sits on the sidewalk against a brick building. There are leaves and acorns strewn about. The nose and mouth have started to cave showing the unlit candle inside.
When you get to the party just a little too early. Original post at Instagram.
The decaying Jack-o'-lantern has decayed even more. The eyes, mouth and nose have turned into a single hole and the top has started to sag. There is a new freshly cut Jack-o'lantern beside it on the right. The eyes are big and round the mouth is a wide smile with a single tooth on the bottom. The expression is friendly and excited. Two gourds have also been added to the tableau.
When your friend finally gets to the party but it’s too late. Original post at Instagram.
The original Jack-o'-lantern is almost complete decayed, there are still bits of orange but it's mostly black. The second on has also started to decay, the eyes and nose are a single hole and the whole thing is starting to sag. To the left of the original Jack-o'-lantern are four new ones in various stages of freshness. One looks brand new, on top if it a newish looking one but it's face is one big hole. There is one that is either not cut or it's face is not facing the camera, and one has a sagging face and its top lays in front of it. It's a motley assortment of sad pumpkins.
When it turns into an after party and you just want to go home. Original post at Instagram.

Hashtag sad pumpkins. Happy Halloween!

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