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Now that the weather is tolerable I’m out and about with more regularity. Please enjoy the scenery from a few recent constitutionals.

Painting of a woman with long dark hair on blue background nicely staged within curbside garbage pick up.
We recycle everything here.
A 16 foot covered boat on a trailer attached to a car parked on the street in front of apartment buildings on a residental street.
And you thought you had a hard time with alternate side parking.
A full mail cart tipped over on the curb with no mail delivery person in sight.
Special delivery?
A large back of packing peanuts propped up against a wall in a garden, next to to pink and skeleton flamingos.
Outdoor space can double as storage.

The end of the month in New York City is a great time to find stuff on the street. Every month people are moving in or out, and putting out things they don’t want or can’t fit in their new place.

This week there’s been more stuff than usual. There were several nice tables and plenty of kitchen stuff. About a year ago The Lady accidentally broke a bunch of our dishes, which included three out of a set of four Fiestaware dinner plates that I’d had forever.

I’d been meaning to replace them, but this week my procrastination paid off. I found three castaway Fiestaware dinner plates in perfect condition, thank you Universe!

Nice new baby blue Fiestaware dinner plates.
Not the color I would’ve picked but happy nonetheless.
A front porch covered with fake cobwebs with two human skeletons in lounge chairs accompanied by to dog skeletons.
A tame installation by neighborhood standards.

Spooky season is upon us, and in my neighborhood that means a lot of decorations. No doubt I’ll be sharing more!

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