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One year Junkiversary

Well look at that. This site has been up for a year! One year and one month to be exact.

I only noticed because I shared a post I wrote last year, Bittersweet day, on the date that was bittersweet. Even then it took me a couple of days to realize the site had been up for a year. I’ve been a little busy with Hot HTML Summer over at the web dev site this month and didn’t notice.

Like all new projects there was a chance it would quickly die on the vine. Who among us hasn’t been excited about a project, created it and then lost interest? Apparently the Junk Drawer apparently has staying power! Unless of course I just cursed it.

Here are some stats about what’s happened around here over the past 13 months…

  • 26 blog posts, not counting this one.
  • Three new features.
  • 21 unique tags (Home Zoo and Pets so far are not differentiated, let’s call it 20 unique tags).
  • Loads of drafts and notes for future posts.
  • Since launching TV Blurbs and Wake Up Songs in April of this year
    • 112 total TV Blurbs, 77 new since adding the feature
    • 116 total Wake Up Songs, 78 new since adding the feature
    • 18 Pixelfed images since adding the feature
A black and white tuxedo cat sits on a bed wearing a orange DIY birthday hat with white polka dots.
A celebration befitting the Junk Drawer.

In addition to keeping the momentum going, I’m hoping to add some organization to TV Blurbs and Wake Up Songs. And who knows, I may come up with some additional ideas, we’ll see.

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