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Oh yeah, blogging

It’s been just over a month since I added TV Blurbs, Wake Up Songs and the latest from Pixelfed, and things have been moving along nicely. In that time I’ve added 26 blurbs, 20 songs, 6 photos, and no blog posts. Whoops!

Having a new outlet for blurbs has been a nice, lightweight way to write. I’ve made some notes for blog posts, but haven’t had the chance, or the inspiration, to work on them. Looking at my publishing rhythm prior to the new content types, it was bursts of inspiration and regular publishing with intermittent breaks. It will be interesting to see how much or if that changes.

In other blogging news I noticed that Micro.blog is running a seasonal special, offering their usually $5/month account for $1/month for four months.

I’ve been having so much fun cranking out little blurbs that I almost thought about trying it out. I could pull them in here using their API, but then I’d have to figure out where to put it on the homepage. That’s definitely more work than I want to do right now. But, you should check it out if you’ve been meaning to start a blog!

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