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New Junk in the Drawer

After failing to deliver on my threat of unearthing old writing, at least for the time being, I’ve added some new stuff around here.

In February I mentioned a couple of ideas for Junk Drawer fodder over at the web dev site. After a few weekends of fiddling I’ve finally got it in decent shape. And, I added something else that I thought of since then.

Latest from Pixelfed

This addition was the last minute entry. I don’t currently post a lot at Pixelfed, or at least I don’t sustain posting momentum when I do post with regularity. I’m hoping this will be an incentive to remember to post.

On the homepage I pull in the most recent photo I’ve posted at Pixelfed.

TV Blurbs

I’ve done a little bit of writing about TV around here, and I’ll probably continue to write the occasional longer post, especially if I finish a classic. But cranking out little blurbs is easier and fun, like live blogging but not live and not blogging.

TV Blurbs are on the homepage and in their own section.

Wake Up Songs

Some mornings I wake up with a song in my head. Sometimes it’s a random song I haven’t heard of or thought about it in awhile. I started tracking them for fun and now they’re on this site.

Like TV Blurbs, the Wake Up Songs are on the homepage and in their own section.

The homepage also got a significant overhaul to accommodate all the new additions. If you’re interested in how I built these additions I’ve written a post at the web dev site with more details.

In the meantime it’s nice to some have new and more regularly updated items to make it feel a bit lively around here. I’ll probably also continue to fiddle with them, which is part of the joy of having a site.

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