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Happy Halloween

Usually my neighborhood has a “go big or go home” holiday decoration vibe, and Halloween is no exception. This year has been a bit subdued though.

Apparently the crypt-keepers of a nearby legendary Halloween house have moved, shifting the cosmic Halloween decoration balance towards the more understated.

Still, there’s no shortage of funny little installations here and there.

Ghostly figures with skeleton heads hang amidst cobwebs in a front yard.
Cobwebs and hanging things were a big theme this year.
Two plastic skeletons hang from a tree branch in front of a house. There is a purple vampire on the front gate and various other decorative items like spiders, bats and festive light.
This one hung the skeletons in the trees over the sidewalk, a bold move.
A large jack-o'-lantern cutout fills a big picture window in a small house.
No shortage of bay window installations in these parts.
A skeleton head with two hands on raised on each side is pressed up against a window from inside a house.
Also no shortage of Halloween humor.
A local Home Depot 12 foot skeleton looms large in a front yard.
A few 12-foot skeletons this year, this one made the Hell Gate Skeleton Map.
Two jack-o'-laterns sit on a stoop, both have bit holes where the design used to be and they are starting to rot.
Decomposing Jack-O’-Lanterns are a perennial favorite.
A small banner banner that says Trick or Treat hangs on a frontdoor. There are three stacked smiling jack-o'-lanterns on the banner, the top one is wearing a witch hat. The door has pealing paint and the doorway is worse for wear.
I’m a fan of understated doorways. This one used to be a decomposing Jack-O’-Lantern haven.
An apartment front door with a big paper cut out ghost reminiscent of a Pacman ghost. The mouth is cutout around the peephole of the door. The tape holding it to the door is visible.
And let’s not forget apartment doors, including my own! We usually go for a vintage glow in the dark skeleton, but The Lady had a last minute low-budget idea.
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