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Finally going outside

The brutal heat that’s seemed to go on for months finally subsided enough to resume a semblance of my daily constitutional, otherwise known as a walk.

My current neighborhood is mostly residential with a fair amount of greenery and a great park nearby. People make good use of their little green spaces with all kinds of plantings and the occasional funny decor choice. There’s also your typical New York City “wait, what was that?” and no shortage of fug. A perfect mix of scenery for an afternoon walk.

It was nice to get out again! It almost felt like I was on vacation, or as if I was visiting after being away for a long time. “Wow, look at how big that bush thingie got!” was a frequent thought.

A big bush with red fuzzy flowers overflowing in a sidewalk planter.
A local bush thingie that got really big over the last month or so.

One block that I hadn’t been to in a while was full of beautiful flowers, blooming trees and overgrown sidewalk plantings. The big elephant ear plant was the standout.

A large elephant ear plant overflowing from a sidewalk planter.
The starring attraction in a notably flowery block.

And even the places that didn’t have any greenspace still made a nice showing.

The stoop of a house with a cement front yard and several potted catcus on the stairs and landing.
Potted cactus make for a nice stoop vibe.

There was even an instance where, as previously discussed, packing tape would’ve been a better choice.

A smashed front bumper of a car being held together with black duct tape. The tape is loose.
Amateur hour tape fix! Packing tape is much better.

I’m a super wuss in the heat, as well as a lover of the great indoors, but it was great to get out and about in not horrible weather. Hopefully there will be more of that in the near future.

Elsewhere the Junk Drawer got a mention, and chuckle, in the Eleventy Weekly Showcase at YouTube. Very flattered by both! I also finally published what turned out to be a two part series on using WordPress as a headless content management system with Eleventy if you have any interest in that sort of thing.

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