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Dream Log: Dog party and hot dog buns

On my big list of potential posts or reoccurring features I have an item noted as “LOL dream file”. Over the past year or so I’ve accumulated several pithy write-ups of ridiculous dreams and put them in file for future use. The day has come for this idea!

Thanks to a ridiculous dream, or part of a dream(?), that I had last night I’m going to kick off the Dream Log series. That sounds a lot more formal and well thought out than the reality. Basically I’ll post a description of a dream. That’s it. Maybe a bit of commentary.

Here’s the first one thanks to a dream I had last night. I mentioned it on Mastodon as a test and have decided to make a go of it.

Dream Log 2023-07-10

I dreamt my dog was running around a park full of people with another little dog having a great time. They scored a pack of hot dog buns and she ate at least one.

I feel bad that she doesn’t have any casual dog friends because of her reactivity (Baker moved!), and I want her to have a fun summer. She’s also a street snacker extraordinaire and I feel bad that I don’t let her eat all the nasty stuff she finds on the street, but I’m proud and happy for her when she sneaks one by me!

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