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Over the holidays last year I had a minor health scare

I was walking the dog when I started to notice some flashing in one of my eyes. There was a lot going on, and it was windy, so I didn’t think too much of it. Once I got home and sat in front of the computer I was greeted by an onslaught of eye floaters. There were so many that it was difficult to see. It was a bit terrifying.

Me at the Web Dev site

I went to a retina specialists and was diagnosed with a posterior vitreous detachment. Otherwise known as “a normal part of aging”. My initial exam was encouraging, no tears, holes or other unwanted conditions. Just a lot of new floaters and a fair amount of flashing.

The flashing subsided over the following six weeks, and the floaters aren’t too bothersome. There was another change too. My eyes are more sensitive to light, at least while computing.

Prior to this I found dark mode and themes made reading harder, but now it’s the opposite. I’ve become a dark mode and theme devotee. Some of you might even be reading this using the dark theme (which I like much more than the light theme, and not just because it’s easier for me to read).

During the six or so month period after a posterior vitreous detachment the likelihood of a retinal detachment is increased. The usual course of action is to check in a few times for scans and an exam. I had my final appointment yesterday and got the “all clear”.

A close up of me wearing wrap around dark shades and a black KN95 mask.
Being dilated on a bright day is not fun, even with the low-budget quasi Daft Punk ensemble.

After the examination the doctor said “Your eyes get an A+, go live your life!”. The A+ eyes are a welcome relief, still working on what “live your life” looks like these days.

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