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Digital Junk Drawer

About the Junk Drawer

I’m attracted to the idea of digital gardening…

In a digital garden, content is imperfect […], not chronological, and evolves over time with careful tending and consideration.

Laura Schenck

Yes to imperfect content, but the careful tending over time is daunting. I’m also very compartmentalized. Instead of consolidating all my interests and endeavors in a single site, I have sites strewn around the internet. Tossing things in a junk drawer is much more akin to my style than careful tending, at least if history is a guide.

Not convinced? There’s the old pet blog, blogging about past interests, and even a photoblog! More recently I have an active site for Web Dev that includes a home for my side projects (more sites, including a pile!). I’m also planning another new site in addition to the Junk Drawer, perhaps for later in the year. The Links page will always list my active sites and accounts.

But why the Junk Drawer? I’ve been wanting a place to put things that are bigger than a Tweet, but perhaps not that important. Not Big Thoughts, or thoughts that tend to turn into Big Thoughts. More like blather, random stuff and maybe some ephemera.

Like all good junk drawers, you never know what you’ll find. Mostly junk? Probably. Hopefully the occasional unexpected useful or amusing item as well.

Looking for an “About” for the Junk Drawer attendant? This is as close as it gets. It’s geared towards web development, but you get the idea. If you have a technical interest in using WordPress as a headless content management system with Eleventy, I wrote a two part series about it at the Web Dev site. Part one is on the WordPress set-up and part two is on the Eleventy set-up.